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Left: white PVC plastic. Right:100% recycled Gray Kydex. Click image for detail.

For well over 30 years Provost Displays’ Medium (.030) gauge was a PVC material. The majority of our stock panels were sold in PVC which has always been an incredible material for our vacuum forming technique and our customers’ applications. With the new realization that PVC could no longer be recycled, we felt the need to do something! As a vacuum forming company serving the entertainment industry we wanted to be able to offer our clients brick, stone and other scenic panels in a more environmentally friendly plastic. We have done just that!

Through establishing a great relationship with Sekisui, the manufacturer of Kydex plastics, Provost Displays was able to connect our industry with a remarkable plastic product. Kydex V103 is made from 100% recycled Kydex plastic. Through their recycling program Sekisui is able to collect scrap plastic from their clients and turn it into V103. As our customers, allowing us to use Kydex V103 as the bulk material you are allowing us to create a more environmentally friendly product without sacrificing the standards that Provost Displays has always been known.

Kydex V103 is only sold in a light gray color. (Color reference above) Please note as with the PVC product the Kydex product can also be painted. If our customers require a panel to be formed in white PVC we will do so, however Provost Displays will not trim or collect scrap material from formed PVC material. If the need for a heavier gauge plastic is required for your application we offer both recycled .060 & .090 Kydex and ABS.

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Please contact us with any questions that you may have regarding our switch to Kydex Plastic.

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