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Protect by Provost Display

Medical Face Shield

Part #PP1920


  • Face Shield to be used by Health Care Professionals (HCP) as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) under the EUA authorized by the CDC on 04/13/2020.
  • Face Shield may be effective in preventing HCP exposure to certain particulates. Face Shields provide minimal or low barrier protection to wearer and are intended to be worn in addition to all other necessary PPE.
  • Face Shield is intended to cover the front and sides of the face.
  • Face Shield is intended to be used by a single user 1 – 3 times before disposal. Cleaning and Disinfecting is required between each use. (see cleaning instructions below)
  • Material is Self-Extinguishing but is not intended to be used in the presence of high intensity heat

Body Contacting Materials

  • Clear Plastic: RPET – Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate
  • Foam Barrier: Zialoc 520 Industrial PVC Foam
  • Elastic Head Band: Latex-Free Elastic
  • Slide and Rivet Hardware – Nylon

Medical Face Shield Fitting Instructions:

Step 1

  • Hold the face shield in hands with the foam at the top.

Step 2

  • With one hand stretch the elastic head band around the top of your head. Position Elastic slightly above ears on the sides and higher towards the back of the head.
  • Foam barrier should sit in the middle of the forehead

Step 3

  • Adjust elastic head band by pulling one side until elastic is snug against head.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Follow recommended cleaning instructions listed below in order to use Face Shields more than once. Shields should not be cleaned and used more than three times.
  • Clean with gloves or other hand protections.
  • Using a clean cloth wipe the entire shield with 91% – 99% Isopropyl Alcohol or other Disinfectant Cleansers recommended by the CDC.
  • Let dry in a sterile environment and place in a sealable bag or container until the next use.

Protect by Provost Displays Face Shield will not prevent infection from microbes or viruses and is not effective against radiation protection when used by themselves. Face Shields are intended to be used in addition to other necessary PPE.

Protect by Provost Displays Face Shield

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Top label is customizable.

Label could be made to feature company or organization logo.

Social Distancing Partitions

Provost Displays is working with Proof Productions to offer complete customizations to their existing line of Social Distancing Partitions. Proof Productions offers free standing partitions as well as table top dividers for restaurants, libraries, schools, nail salons offices and any other institutions featuring prolonged shared contact.

Provost Displays has partnered with Proof Productions, Inc to help ensure that all social distancing measures designed and fabricated are representative of each unique business. Meaning that any business logo or design can be vacuum formed into partition walls. Customizations are provides as an additional cost to all standard partition walls. In addition to customizing partitions with vacuum formed logo we also have the ability to alter clarity for added privacy or you may elect to keep a crystal clear finish to allow as much transparency as possible.

Any Layout, Dimension, and Design

The pictures below are of Partition Walls that were fabricated prior to all social distancing measures that are now in place. In some ways these were ahead of the game. Each wall consists of 6 custom fabricated vacuum formed panels that are embossed with various logos of our clients. Each layout, dimension and design can be completely customized to suit your current needs!

Pricing is determined on a project by project basis.

Custom Partition Walls

Any business logo or design can be vacuum formed into partition walls