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The Vacuum Form Process

A “mold” (solid form with many small holes drilled in it) is made of the desired shape and placed on the machine’s bed (table). A sheet of thermo-formable plastic is secured to the frame of the machine which is then heated. The plastic sheet is heated until it is soft, pliable and reaches the optimal forming temperature. Once this occurs the plastic is rapidly lowered and vacuum suction is applied; pulling out the excess air while drawing the plastic tightly against the mold. Then rapid cooling of the plastic allows it to be released from the mold and retain its shape. The end result is a hollow duplicate of your mold. The possibilities are endless!

Available Materials

Provost Displays keeps the following plastics in stock to insure quick turnaround times on orders.

  • .015 mm Gauge PVC – Clear or White
  • .030 mm Gauge PVC – Translucent, Clear or White
  • .060 mm Gauge ABS – White and Black
  • .090 mm Gauge ABS – White and Black
  • .060 mm Gauge HIPS – White
  • .080 mm Gauge HIPS – White

Provost Displays also offers additional Special Order plastics ranging from .015mm to .187 mm. Most are available in a variety of stock colors and can be manufactured with necessary Fire Ratings and UV Protection. Custom colors and gauges are available upon request. (Order minimums required for some special orders)

  • PETG (Vivak)
  • Polycarbonate
  • C.A.B

Please contact us to discuss Vacuum Forming options and costs.

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