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Tips for Assembly and Installation

  • Trim excess plastic around panel. Use a scissor or utility knife. If using thicker gauge plastic (.060 or thicker) score the plastic with knife and bend the plastic back. The edge should snap, leaving you with a clean edge.
  • Once trimmed the piece can be mounted to any flat surface. Including sheetrock walls, wood paneling, theatrical flats, etc…
  • When mounting you can use.
    • Staples
    • Glue specifically made for the material. E.g. ABS glue, PVC glue, General Purpose Adhesive, etc…
    • Screws with washers. Be sure to use washers or the plastic will stretch and break off of the screw.
    • If you need to hide screws or staples you can do so with plastic wood filler prior to painting.
  • When lining up pieces to create a continuous wall or structure be sure to line all sheets in the same direction. This will insure a cohesive look.

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